Reachmaster Lifts


Bluelift B53

Overview and Highlights

Ease of transport:
Fits on a trailer or tilt-back truck (low weight, good gradeability, compact).

Enhanced maneuverability and accessibility:
Go-more-places with low GVW, rubber tracks, remote drive, adjustable track widths for increased stability during transport, compact dimensions, hydraulic jib, rotation of platform and zero-turn radius with counter rotation.

Operator convenience:
Automatic outrigger setup, interactive display in platform, operator friendly controls.

Environmentally friendly:
Dual power on board - a 110 volt electric drive motor for indoor use, and an on-board gas powered generator for use outdoors. Lightweight machine can set up on sensitive flooring and landscaping.

  • Platform height of 47 feet, with a working height of 53 feet
  • Tracks narrow to 31 inches for single door access
  • Weighs approximately 4730 pounds
  • Quiet, battery-driven hydraulic system effectively eliminates the source of troublesome fumes common with other lifts
  • Moment sensors detect overload and neutralize the lift
  • Manual emergency lowering system
  • Proportional controls for exact positioning
  • Mercury switches prevent lift form being operated when lift is not leveled
  • Micro switches prevent use without outriggers
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements

Model Specification PDF

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