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ReachMaster Falcon FS170T

Overview and Highlights

  • Working height of over 170 feet
  • Minimum width only 4 feet
  • Self leveling platform
  • Multi-Positioning Outrigger system allows for individual setting of each outrigger
  • Quiet, battery-driven hydraulic system effectively eliminates the source of troublesome fumes common with other lifts
  • Dual Power: Battery and combustion engine
  • Customized trailer available upon request
  • 20' Double Jib System
  • Automatic Safety and Stability systems
  • Self propelled electro hydraulic drive from basket
  • Manual emergency lowering system
  • Proportional controls for exact positioning
  • Mercury switches prevent lift from being operated when lift is not properly leveled
  • Micro switches prevent use without outriggers
  • Ability to self load on flatbed truck or trailer
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements

FS170T Brochure PDF
FS170T Technical Specifications

ReachMaster FS170T

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